Declaration of ’10 wins’ NC Shin Min-hyeok … “You have to buy a fastball to buy a changeup”

The goal is 10 wins, the topics are ‘change-up’ and ‘routine’.

NC pitcher Shin Min-hyeok (24) is preparing for a new leap forward. Even from the point of view of NC, which has failed to advance to the postseason for the last two seasons in a row, Shin Min-hyeok’s growth is absolutely necessary.

Shin Min-hyeok’s last season was very disappointing. Average ERA of 4.56, 4 wins and 9 losses. He also only pitched 118.1 innings, failing to fill the regulation innings (144 innings). Even compared to 2021, his first year as a full-time starter, his overall record fell.

In the 2021 season, Shin Min-hyuk turned the hitters around at every turn with his main weapon changeup. Last season, things were different. He maintained his power against righties, but not against lefties. The OPS of the changeup against left-handed hitters in 2021 was only 0.592, but soared to 0.759 last season. Shin Min-hyeok said, “Now that I’m in my second year as a starter, I can feel that hitters are definitely looking for a changeup.”

Shin Min-hyeok thinks that the power can be multiplied only when the reliance on the changeup is reduced. It is also an answer that has been verified in practice. Shin Min-hyeok, who had the worst month (8.20 ERA) in April of last year, returned to the first team with a new two-seam in the Futures League. He mixed up his two-seam and increased his cutter ratio. He was the driving force behind his strong pitching (2.49 ERA) in May and June. This year, Minhyuk Shin plans to actively utilize his four-seam fastball. “The changeup works only when the fast ball is supported first.” Shin Min-hyeok’s four-seam usage rate last season was 23.5%. He is the lowest level in the entire league. Shin Min-hyeok is preparing for the season faster than in his previous years and is putting effort into raising his four-seam pitch. He wants to throw four-seams more confidently. 먹튀검증

Routine management is another challenge. Former coach Lee Dong-wook and current coach Kang In-kwon emphasized the importance of routine to Shin Min-hyuk. The same goes for pitching coach Kim Soo-kyung. Shin Min-hyeok said, “Coach Kim Soo-kyung emphasized throughout the day that ‘the throwing day should be the most comfortable’. He said that was the most difficult during his two years as a starter.” He had a particularly hard time managing his condition when pitching intervals were extended or away travel was arranged. Shin Min-hyeok said, “I think I can understand what the director and coach are saying now.” In the finishing training last November, he put the most effort into creating his own routine.

Shin Min-hyuk said, “I want to fill the starting 10 wins in the regular innings this year.” He also expressed his desire to become a reliable pitcher. Last season, there were cases where Shin Min-hyeok was replaced prematurely even though he played relatively well. He has a lot of pitches, so he seems to be able to throw even the 6th and 7th innings, but he only pitched 5 innings and came off the mound. Shin Min-hyeok said, “I think I can throw more, but it was a pity that I was replaced, and I had a little trouble.” I thought it would be better to give more confidence on the mound,” he said.

For Shin Min-hyeok, born in 1999, the year 2023 is a year in which many things depend. For NC to advance into the postseason, the role of young pitchers like him is needed. Shin Min-hyuk said, “I have never been able to play in the postseason, but this year I really want to play fall baseball in front of Changwon NC Park home fans.” Shin Min-hyuk made his first-team debut in NC’s winning season in 2020, but did not make it to the Korean Series entry. The Asian Games in September are also greedy. Shin Min-hyeok said, “I haven’t been to the national team since elementary school. He wants to perform well and compete properly in the Asian Games,” he said.

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