“Come~Come~” It’s Lotte’s Donghee… Isn’t that Han Dong-hee? ‘Ambition’ of a super positive 20-year-old outfielder

Huh? It’s not Han Dong-hee.

Lotte’s ‘famous Dong-hee’ is third baseman Han Dong-hee. But there is one more Donghee. Yoon Dong-hee (20) is a right-handed outfielder who graduated from Yatap High School and entered the 2nd 3rd round in 2022 with the 24th rank. In 10 futures league games this year, Yoon Dong-hee was making a big success with a batting average of 0.436, 1 home run, 11 RBIs, 13 points and 3 steals.

Manager Larry Sutton called Yoon Dong-hee to the first team. For the time being, we plan to use it as a backup while monitoring the possibility. The opportunity came early. On the 23rd, in the bottom of the 8th inning with Changwon NC matches 0-3, with no runners out and 2 runners, Kim Min-seok took the first place at bat. First at bat this season. He attacked Lim Jeong-ho’s two-seam and scored a hit in the middle right.

It was a taste. In the top of the 9th inning, when the score was tied 3-3, the스포츠토토 baseman with one out picked out a come-from-behind final push walk against NC veteran finisher Lee Yong-chan. Lee Yong-chan’s persistent forkball match did not end. He swung, but also cut fouls, picked out the ball, and played 7 pitches. Eventually, he endured the forkball falling low and scored the final RBI.

Yoon Dong-hee said, “Last year, I played once in the first team, so I was less nervous and relaxed. He has been making up for what he lacks in the second team. He was confident he could do well in the first team. I was saying, come on, come on, if I have a chance. The opportunity came and it looked like it was going to hit. He didn’t think negatively.”

In preparation for Lee Yong-chan’s forkball, it was effective to discard low courses and only deal with high-looking balls. Yoon Dong-hee said, “I thought it was okay even if I couldn’t hit. Even if he hits just 1 out of 3, he’s 3 for 3. I was losing, but I thought I could win, and I had a good experience.”

Even Yoon Dong-hee said, “I want to finish it by hitting it next time.” He became the protagonist of the final run, but as a baseball player, he wants to make the final run with a direct hit rather than a walk. Although he missed the opening entry, he definitely tempered himself in the Futures League for this day.

Yoon Dong-hee said, “I thought that it would be impossible without my own strike zone during the demonstration game. As he went up to the first team, he thought of doing only what I had to do. It wasn’t that I had to do well, but I wanted to do what I wanted to do and come down (to the 2nd group).”

He is the owner of a formidable cotyledon. Yoon Dong-hee said, “I only went to the outfield in the Futures League this season, but I am preparing everywhere. Right-handed outfielders are not common in Lotte, but I want to show it properly without being pushed out of the competition.”

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