Choi Jun-yong, who said “It was very good”, why was he not seen when he left for the 2nd camp in Japan?

“I have a history of injuries in the past, so I’m going to check it out.”

On the morning of the 20th, the Lotte Giants team left for Ishigaki, Japan, where the 2nd campsite is located via Incheon International Airport. Coach Larry Sutton, pitching coach Kim Hyeon-wook, coaching staff, and many people, including new face Yoo Gang-nam, worked diligently.

There were also invisible faces. Pitching coach Bae Young-soo joined Lee Kang-cheol in preparation for the World Baseball Classic (WBC). In addition, playing coach Jung Tae-seung will join the team separately.

Right-hander Choi Jun-yong (22), who is preparing for the 4th pro season, was also absent. Before leaving the country, director Larry Sutton said, “Choi Jun-yong was very good. He trained well and was very sharp in the live pitching at the end.”

However, on the way to departure that day, Choi Jun-yong fell out. He, along with some other players, including Cha Woo-chan, was left out during the second camp.

A total of 47 people participated in the first Guam camp, including captain An Chi-hong, as well as newcomers Kim Min-seok and Lee Tae-yeon, but the list for the second camp has changed.

Director Sutton said, “Choi Jun-yong needs to be checked continuously.” Choi Jun-yong suffered right elbow pain during the season last year. At the time, he was substituted for injury prevention and eventually dropped out of the first team entry.

There is nothing wrong with his current physical condition. Sutton said, “I have a past injury history, so I need to check it out at this point. It’s not a sick situation. He will only check once and be in Korea for a while, and then he will join the camp,” he explained. 스포츠토토

Choi Jun-yong is scheduled to join the 3rd camp in Okinawa, Japan. After returning to Korea on the 19th after the first camp in Guam, the Lotte team will continue training until the 26th at Ishigaki Baseball Stadium, Chiba Lotte’s field training ground in Japan.

During this period, Lotte will have an exchange match with Chiba Lotte Group 2 on the 22nd and 24th. Afterwards, he moves to Okinawa, Japan on the 27th, and returns after raising his sense of actual combat through six practice games with KBO League teams at Gushikawa Baseball Stadium until the 7th of next month.

Choi Jun-yong has been a big help in the Lotte bullpen for the past three seasons. In his last season, he went 3-4 with 14 saves and 6 holds in 68 games with a 4.06 earned run average. He served as Pilseungjo along with Koo Seung-min and Kim Won-joong. He takes a breather for a while this year, amid much anticipation.

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