Choi Jin-ho and Park Seong-guk, one step in 200 competitions in total, who will succeed after that

Choi Jin-ho (39) and Park Seong-guk (35), who are active on the KPGA (Korea Professional Golf) Korean Tour, write meaningful records in the 2023 season.

The two players have participated in a total of 199 events on the KPGA Korean Tour until last year. If he participates in just one more tournament in the upcoming new season, he will achieve the record of participating in 200 tournaments in the KPGA Korean Tour.

Choi Jin-ho, who debuted in 2005, recorded 8 victories and accumulated prize money of 2,452.76 million won until last year. He had 142 passes of the cut and 49 top-ten finishes out of 199 contests. Park Seong-guk, who joined in 2007, won his first career victory at the 2018 Hyundai Marine Choi Gyeong-ju Invitational. His accumulated prize money is 1.41891 billion won. He passed 135 cuts out of 199 and finished in the top 10 in 25.

Choi Jin-ho has accumulated 8 wins on the KPGA Korean Tour so far and won a total of 2,452,761,936 won in prize money. He passed 142 out of 199 competitions and entered the TOP 10 in 49 competitions. 안전놀이터

Choi Jin-ho said, “At the beginning of my tour debut, I was only full of thoughts of wanting to participate in tournaments. However, I have already entered the 19th year of the tour and I am about to participate in 200 KPGA Korean Tour tournaments. I am grateful and happy.” Looking back, there were no major injuries. I have been on tour, and the tournaments I have participated in seem to contain the joys and sorrows of my golf life. In the future, I want to participate in more tournaments and win championships. I will continue to play an active role as a player who always does his best.”

Park Seong-guk laughed, saying, “I can’t believe I’m already ahead of participating in 200 competitions. I couldn’t even think of it.” I am preparing for the season. My goal this year is to win the second KPGA Korean Tour.” Other than these, Kim Seung-hyeok (37, 193), Kim Seong-yong (47, 189) Park Sang-hyun (40, 186) Moon Gyeong-jun (41, 184) Kim Bong-seop (40, 181) Kim Tae-hoon (38, 180) participated in 200 competitions this year. He is considered a promising player.

Among the 2023 KPGA Korean Tour seed holders, a total of 8 players have participated in more than 200 tournaments until last year. With Hwang In-chun (49) leading the way with 274 events, Hong Sun-sang (42 243 events) Kang Gyeong-nam (40 237 events) Ju Hong-cheol (42 236 events) Lee Tae-hee (39 228 events) Choi Ho-seong (50 221 events) Lee Geun-ho (40 206) followed by Lee Dong-min (38 201).

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