Cho Kyu-sung’s summer has begun, as he tries to step up his game and make a serious push for Europe

Cho Kyu-sung (25, Jeonbuk Hyundai)’s quest to reach Europe has begun again.

Cho Kyu-sung tried to make it to Europe in the winter transfer window, but stayed with Jeonbuk. This was due to concerns that he might not be able to adapt to a new environment if he tried too hard at a time when he was suffering from injuries and a drop in form after his brilliant performance at the World Cup in Qatar. Cho Kyu-sung could have transferred if he wanted to, but he delayed his move until the summer. Even Jeonbuk officials, including technical director Park Ji-sung, advised him to make the move through the summer transfer window rather than the winter.

Six months have passed and summer is here. It’s time for Cho’s transfer clock to start ticking. “Of course, I want to make a move in the summer, and I’m preparing for it. I hope that if I prepare step by step, there will be good news. The transfer market hasn’t opened yet, so I’m watching,” he said, adding that he is calmly preparing for the move.

His form is finally picking up. After being sidelined for about two months following an injury in March, Cho returned to action in mid-May and has been improving his form ever since. He scored three goals in two K League 1 matches in June, and came on as a substitute in the A match against Peru on June 16 and impressed. Although he didn’t score, he put pressure on the Peruvian defense with his lively movement and threatening play. His partnership with Lee Kang-in was just as good as it was at the World Cup. He’s still not 100%, but he proved that he’s on his way back to form. His resurgence is coming at just the right time.

Now, Cho’s agent is making a serious push for a move to Europe. “I’m getting interest from a lot of teams. I haven’t received any official offers yet, but it’s early in the transfer market. We are waiting for offers from interested teams. By early to mid-July, I think we’ll have some idea. We expect to finalize the transfer by the end of July at the latest.”메이저놀이터

Jeonbuk is also preparing to move Cho Kyu-sung. Jeonbuk is waiting for an offer similar to the one they received last winter. At the time, there were offers in the €5-6 million range. However, six months have passed and circumstances have changed, so there is no guarantee that the same amount of money will be offered this time around.

An official familiar with Jeonbuk’s situation said, “First of all, we want the transfer fee to be as high as possible, but we are not in a position to forcefully fulfill the demand.” “Even if the amount is a little less, Jeonbuk’s philosophy is to help the player transfer in the grand scheme of things. We need to see the situation, but I’m sure Jeonbuk will be cooperative.”

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