Chelsea owner met Neymar agent… Discussion of “transfer or termination of contract”

Chelsea are trying to sign Neymar, a star from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Reporter Santi Auna of France’s ‘Foot Mercato’ said on the 17th (Korean time), “Owner Todd Boelli has been meeting directly with Neymar’s agent for the past few days. A true fan of Neymar, owner Boelli proposed a project for Chelsea. “There are discussions with the goal of signing him for a possible summer transfer window. They have discussed various possibilities for Neymar to join Chelsea.”

Neymar is a world-class Brazilian striker. He is currently in charge of one axis of PSG’s attack. He boasts his unrivaled talent with brilliant individual skills, agility and playmaking.

Neymar is now in his 30s. There is also concern that he will gradually deteriorate. In the midst of this, as the position of next-generation soccer star Kylian Mbafe expands further, he is pushed into second place within the team. The feud between Neymar and PSG became more serious as Mbappe signed an extension contract with PSG last summer. 카지노사이트

Minor quarrels began with Neymar, such as the issue of the kicker in charge of penalty kicks in the game, and the PSG club also stopped them. The noise has spread again as the grades have not been good recently. At the time, Neymar could not acknowledge his disastrous performance and expressed his anger. It was revealed that he strongly pointed out the misjudgment between Vitinha and Hugo Equiteke during the match. In the end, PSG decided to release Neymar, who had been in a feud from before.

The future destination is Chelsea. The media explained, “Manchester United has recently been mentioned as a possible destination. However, it is definitely Chelsea that has made progress recently.”

Details of the negotiations were also revealed. The media said, “We discussed transfer or complete mutual contract termination.”

Chelsea’s storm recruitment continues. Chelsea, which has a squad after bringing in Mihailo Mudrik, Enzo Fernandes and Joao Felix in the transfer market last winter, are poised to have a ‘triple squad’. Here, we are planning to bring ‘superstar’ Neymar to the transfer market next summer.

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