“Changwon-Ulsan match, home advantage is unlikely to be saved” BNK’s worries ended in vain

Busan BNK played at the 2nd home stadium to expand the base of women’s basketball in the Gyeongnam-Ulsan region. He achieved a pleasant victory in an unfamiliar environment.

BNK held home games against Shinhan Bank in Incheon on the 19th and against Samsung Life Insurance in Yongin on the 24th at Changwon Indoor Gymnasium and Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium, not Sajik Gymnasium in Busan.

Lee Doo-ho, owner of BNK, said, “We prepared the second home game in Changwon City and Ulsan Metropolitan City to repay the support of basketball fans in the Gyeongnam region this season and to develop women’s professional basketball.” BNK previously played at the Masan Indoor Gymnasium in the 2019-2020 season.

Both gyms are familiar to basketball fans. Changwon Indoor Gymnasium is used by KBL Changwon LG, and Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium is used by Ulsan Hyundai Mobis as their home stadium. However, the WKBL match is a gym that has never been held. Not only the away team, but even the home team, BNK, felt unfamiliar.

The size of the court is of course the same, but the size of the field and goalposts are different. If the rim is hard when you shoot, it may bounce. Because of this, the players had to find the stadium and practice shooting and learn their senses.

Of course, there are bound to be concerns. Of course, Shinhan Bank and Samsung Life Insurance, which BNK met in Changwon and Ulsan, are the teams that are fighting for second place against BNK. The three teams are so close that even a single day’s loss can change the rankings. Park Jeong-eun (46), coach of BNK, also confessed, “I couldn’t take advantage of the home advantage.”

Still, BNK got off to a good start by winning the match against Shinhan Bank, which was held earlier in Changwon, 73-61. Contrary to the concerns of the officials, the attack was well done, and at the last minute, they showed the ability to call key players to the bench.

Although he won, Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium was also unfamiliar. Rather, it was a place where head coach Lim Geun-bae (56) and coach Ha Sang-yoon (47) of Samsung Life were active as coaches and players respectively at Hyundai Mobis. Coach Lim said before the game, “The rim here is a bit hard.” Then he said, “We need to take a little more accuracy of the shot.”

BNK emphasized rebounding. Manager Park Jeong-eun, who said that the key is how the ball moves after being hit by the rim or the backboard, said, “We must dominate the rebound.” 안전놀이터

In the match on the 24th, BNK gained the upper hand in the fight under the goal from the beginning and followed up well. BNK, which picked up about 10 rebounds every quarter, overwhelmed Samsung Life Insurance. At the last minute, even players who had not been given many opportunities, such as Park Seong-jin, Park Gyeong-lim, and Moon Ji-young, came out to arrange their stamina.

In the end, BNK defeated Samsung Life Insurance 77-57 and went on a three-game winning streak. In addition, as it tied for second place with Samsung Life Insurance, it gained an advantage in the ranking fight.

Center Jinan (27), who played a big role in both Changwon and Ulsan games, confessed, “I was awkward in the Changwon game, and I didn’t shoot when I practiced in Ulsan.” At the same time, he revealed, “I decided to empty my mind whether I go in or not.”

BNK finished the match at the 2nd home stadium, which was played amidst worries and concerns, with a complete victory. Now, they have caught the ‘two rabbits’ that secure more fans along with their grades.

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