Chairman, you shouldn’t waste money without paying a penny

‘A polar opposite.’

It is a word that encapsulates the financial environment of the 62 regular member sports organizations under the Korea Olympic Committee. Since it is an amateur sports organization, the majority of fixed income comes from government subsidies, and the rest must be secured through its own profitable business. However, the market is so small, and there are almost no professional manpower related to player management or marketing, so it is impossible to expand finances. In the past, the president paid a large part of the financial vacuum, but now times have changed and there are many organizations with zero contributions from the president. As a result, the organization is polarizing between the ‘real’ president and the ‘shell’ president.

The happiest sports organization is the Big 7 sponsored by large corporations. According to the Korea Handball Association’s 2022 settlement report, Chairman Chey Tae-won made the largest contribution by donating 6 billion won. Next, Chung Eui-sun, chairman of the Korea Archery Association, contributed 3.9 billion won, and the president of the Korea Ski Association, sponsored by Lotte, made a donation of 2.15 billion won. President Yoon Hong-geun of the Korea Skating Federation paid 2 billion won, and the Korea Fencing Association (1.9 billion won), Korea Modern Pentathlon (1.58 billion won), and the Korea Athletics Federation (15 billion won), sponsored by SK, LH and Samsung, respectively. billion) of the chairman’s contribution exceeds 1.5 billion won.

State subsidies received by sports organizations are mainly used for personnel, administration, competitions, training, and business expenses, but they only cover part of the required budget. For this reason, the chairman’s contribution is directly related to a stable working environment and the development of the sport.카지노사이트

For example, in fencing, if you become a representative player, you are guaranteed to participate in 50 international competitions a year, which is possible because of the president’s contribution. It is said that the number of players or clubs is increasing by 200 to 300 each year as support is provided by teams by age group, including college teams, and investment capacity is developed. International competition results are always at the top. Chairman Choi Yoon’s Korea Rugby Association, Korea Shooting Association and Korea Gymnastics Association, which are supported by Hanwha and POSCO E&C, also have donations of 900 million to 1 billion won.

Unlike this, there are many sports organizations that do not have or have little contribution from the president. In the case of the Korea Judo Association, President Hyun has not made a single donation since taking office. Looking at last year’s financial statement, the state subsidy was 3.1 billion won, while its own income was only 1.5 billion won. On the contrary, it is burdensome to live without by using business promotion expenses and sales expenses. The Korea Boxing Association, which suffered internal conflict due to resistance from vested executives despite the pledge of a large amount of deposit by the president-elect, a businessman, became a management organization without a chairman. can’t even Last year, the Korea Equestrian Association contributed 20 million won to the chairman, and the employees were temporarily unable to receive proper wages.

Of course, there are also ‘running’ presidents who use their networks to attract more than billions of won in donations even if they are former athletes. Also, just because the president of a conglomerate leads an organization does not guarantee the future of the sport. Depending on the business environment, if a company withdraws its hands, the organization has no choice but to shrink. The atmosphere at the site is that a businessperson of more than a mid-sized company with a financial mindset or the head of a public company is expected to take charge of an event group.

Unlike in the past, the election of the president of an event organization is conducted by a random electoral college. Anyone can be the president. However, if there is a chairman who uses an aircraft business class or a luxury hotel without any donations, sponsors, or events, it is shameless.

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