“Bremer’s 67 billion? Kim Min-jae’s is 27 billion” Reporter 伊 smiled

Umberto Chiariello, an Italian journalist who is famous as a Naples fan, couldn’t hide his smile at Kim Min-jae’s (27, Naples) performance.

Napoli defeated AS Roma 2-1 in the 2022-2023 Serie A round 20 held at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples, Italy on the 30th (Korean time).

With this, league leader Napoli (53 points) added 3 points and moved one step closer to the championship trophy. The gap with second place Inter Milan (40 points) is 13 points. The American statistics company ‘Five Thirty Eight’ now calculated that Napoli’s chance of winning is 92%.

Kim Min-jae also started and played solid defense throughout the 90 minutes. Except for one mistake at the end of the first half, his performance was close to perfect. He blocked the Roman attack properly with his superior height, quick judgment, and powerful physical fight.

Napoli fans who visited the stadium burst into cheers. Italy’Area Napoli’ said, “It’s not surprising, but Kim Min-jae kicked the ball as far as possible at the last moment. In the meantime, Maradona Stadium shouted his name ‘KIM, KIM, KIM’ loudly, as if he had scored a goal. I was cheered,” he said with a hot reaction. 온라인바카라

After the game, manager José Mourinho said, “Do you think Paulo Dybala was bad? I don’t like this. Napoli has two really strong and fast central defenders.” You have to take it into account to some extent.”

Chiariel is also smiling broadly. He posted on social media, “A logic/mathematics problem for third graders: If you buy Glaisson Bremer for 50 million euros (about 66.8 billion won) and I buy Kim Min-jae for 20 million euros (about 26.7 billion won), which of the two Who is the fool?” he joked, “even the kids know.”

It is an expression of joy that I got Kim Min-jae at such a low price. Many say Bremer, who was named best defender in Serie A last season, is a much better player.

However, when the lid is opened, Kim Min-jae is leading Napoli to the overwhelming first place with the best performance in the league. Recruiting Kim Min-jae from Napoli was truly a godsend.

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