Bought it for 13.4 billion won and sold it for 162.5 billion won… Colossus Benfica again ‘awesome’

Portugal’s ‘Colossus’ Benfica hit the ‘jackpot’ again.

On the last day of the winter transfer window, Benfica signed Argentinian midfielder Enzo Fernández, born in 2001, to Chelsea. The transfer fee incurred is 121 million euros (approximately 162.5 billion won), which is the highest ever in the English Premier League.

Benfica acquired Enzo in the transfer market last summer, just half a year ago. At the time, Benfica paid only 10 million euros (approximately 13.4 billion won) to bring Enzo, who belonged to the prestigious Argentine River Plate. Enzo’s ransom has risen more than 12 times in half a season. It will be regrettable that he spent a season without being able to use it, but as much as he collected a hefty transfer fee, Benfica can be said to have done business without regret.

Benfica is a team famous for its original colossus. It has a reputation for bringing in promising players at low prices and selling them at high prices. There are many examples. 토토사이트

In 2019, the former youth transferred Joao Felix to Atletico Madrid and received a transfer fee of 127 million euros (approximately 170.5 billion won). He raised promising players well and received astronomical transfer fees. A case in point is defender Ruben Dias. Like Felix, Dias, who came from youth, presented Benfica with a transfer fee of 71.6 million euros (approximately 96.1 billion won) when transferring to Manchester City in 2020.

Uruguayan striker Darwin Núñez is also there. Benfica spent 34 million euros (approximately 45.7 billion won) when signing Núñez in 2020. Last year, the transfer fee he received from sending Núñez to Liverpool was 80 million euros (approximately 107.4 billion won), which far more than doubled.

In addition to these, there are more cases such as Ederson and Axel Witzel. This is the background that Benfica is called the colossus of European football.

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