‘Bento’s successor’ may be delayed… The key is to appoint a ‘proper’ manager

The work of appointing a new command tower to succeed Paulo Bento (54, Portugal) has virtually returned to the starting point. This is because Michael Müller (58, Germany), the new head of the Korea Football Association’s National Team Power Enhancement Committee, decided to review the candidates in a ‘blank state’. Contrary to the Football Association’s plan, which initially set February as the time to appoint a new coach, the possibility that the vacancy period for the national team coach will be longer cannot be ruled out. Rather than being chased by the appointment period, the key is to appoint a proper command tower for the development of the national team.

Previously, on the 4th, the Korea Football Association announced the resignation of former chairman Lee Yong-soo and the appointment of Chairman Muller at the same time, saying, “We will discuss the first coach candidate prepared under the system of Chairman Lee Yong-soo at the newly formed power reinforcement committee.” The new committee will be able to add candidates if needed.” In fact, it was interpreted as if weight was being given to the first group of candidates formed by the former committee.

However, the new chairman Müller effectively drew a line from the candidates for the first coach left by the previous committee. At the inaugural press conference at the Seoul Sinmun-ro Soccer Hall on the 11th, he said, “I am grateful to the former committee for selecting candidates,” but said, “Currently, I plan to leave all directions open and review. I even use my personal network to review new candidates. We plan to do it. We plan to open a power reinforcement committee soon and discuss these issues.” 토토사이트

It means that they will search for new director candidates from scratch, regardless of the first group of candidates formed under the system of Chairman Lee Yong-soo. The Korea Football Association originally planned to select the final candidates this month, interview the candidates directly, and negotiate individual negotiations according to the ranking of the priority negotiation targets in February. .

As such, Chairman Müller’s departure from the starting point, excluding the recommendation of the previous committee, is an expression of his will to appoint a more reliable command tower rather than being chased by the timing of appointment. Earlier, as coach Bento led the national team for more than 4 years, he said he preferred long contracts such as the World Cup rather than short-term contracts such as 2+2 years, and the manager and coaches responded positively to the appointment of a ‘division’ made up of one team. It is also in the same context that the

Chairman Mueller said, “It is difficult to predict a specific date in the football business,” and “more important than that is to go in the right direction.” he emphasized.

Although the specific criteria for seniority have not yet been released, the rough ‘guidelines’ have been outlined to some extent through the Football Association. The five themes that Müller himself explained are professionalism, supervisory experience, motivation, teamwork, and environmental factors. It is to find a commanding tower that can command the national team while staying in Korea, with the will to command the Korean national team while having as much leadership and experience as possible, and chemistry with the players and coaches.

Chairman Muller said, “We want to appoint a new coach as a leader who is connected to the philosophy of the association. I think it is important to know what we want and how we have done it.” “We are conducting a logical and comprehensive appointment process. After making a list, conduct an interview and evaluate it,

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