Barca 1st team registration unlikely… Supernova MF begins negotiations with Chelsea

The possibility of a transfer of Gabi (18), who failed to register for the Barcelona 1st team, has been raised.

Spanish media ‘Diario As’ reported on the 11th (Korean time), “Chelsea’s director Christopher Bibel recently met with Gaby’s agent, Ivan de La Peña, in Madrid, Spain, and conveyed his intention to sign Gaby this summer.”

Gaby has been evaluated as a player who will lead the future of Barcelona. He predicted his bright future as a midfielder who has not only the ability to press off smoothly, but also accurate kicking power and excellent judgement.메이저놀이터

It is no exaggeration to say that a bright future in Barcelona was guaranteed. The renewal of the contract signed last September supports this. His contract expires in 2026 and he was given the number 6 shirt.

It was financial problems that held back Gabi. La Liga did not allow Gabi to register for the first team. He was the reason that the total salary of Barcelona’s first team players exceeded the limit.

Fire fell on Barcelona’s feet. The contract with Gabi includes a clause that if he is not registered for the first team by June, he will become a free agent.

Chelsea dug into this gap. Reports suggest that Chelsea are ready to offer Gaby a major contract with a huge down payment. Negotiations with De La Peña’s agent were positive and it is said that they promised to meet again soon.

Chelsea seem to be confident in signing him. ‘Diario Ars’ analyzed, “The fact that coach Luis Enrique can be appointed next season as Chelsea’s head coach will also have a positive effect on the recruitment of Gaby.”

He said, “For Barcelona to register Gaby in the first team, they have to make a profit of 200 million euros (about 280 billion won). It is next to impossible to make this level of profit by June.”

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