Arsenal-Man City compete for the title…Why Tottenham is only 5th

Tottenham need an overall overhaul to their pressing system.

‘Markstats’, which specializes in soccer statistics, unveiled the Counter-Pressing indicators of the 20 Premier League (EPL) clubs for the 2022-23 season on the 11th (Korean time). The X-axis shows the success rate of counter-press, and the Y-axis shows how many counter-presses were converted to shooting.

The counter-pressure here refers to the immediate pressure as soon as you lose ownership. If the pressure is successful at this time, a high-quality attack is possible. This is because the opponent is already in the process of switching to attack, so the defense is not properly equipped.

At this time, you can quickly pass the ball into an empty space and aim for a goal easily. It is a very important concept in modern football. I can’t say that I’m good at counter-pressure, or I’m necessarily good at soccer, but most of the teams that show strong performances in the four major European leagues are implementing the counter-pressure system well in the stadium. 카지노사이트

1st place in the EPL was Manchester United, where Eric ten Hag’s managerial system was quickly established. The counter-press success rate and the frequency of counter-press followed by shooting seemed to be well-balanced. It means that the managerial system of Ten Hagh has melted. Man Utd is in the process of finding its true form as its performance also rebounded rapidly.

Then Arsenal. Arsenal’s success rate was lower than Manchester United’s, but they were excellent at converting to shooting when they succeeded in counter-pressing. Even under Arsene Wenger, Arsenal were a weak team under pressure, but now they are transforming into a team that is strong under pressure. This is why coach Mikel Arteta has no choice but to be highly praised.

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City were also at the top. Manchester City have one of the highest defensive lines in the world. It is also the reason why it is difficult to own the ball for a long time when meeting Manchester City. It is Manchester City that presses from a high position and reacts quickly even after the ball is taken away.

In comparison, Tottenham stayed in the middle of the league. The success rate of counter pressure itself was also a problem, and the ability to finish with a shot when the counter pressure was successful was also disappointing. Counter-pressure seems like a tactic that individual players try, but it is difficult to succeed if the team system is not properly in place. In other words, Tottenham did not have a well-established counter-pressure system.

Because the counter pressure system is not well established, the ability to quickly develop the ball and finish it with an attack is also poor. This also means a lack of creative passers. Tottenham lacks a player who can put a pass into the space immediately after winning the ball. Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City all have outstanding playmakers.

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