‘Are the fans going to have a 3-point contest?’ KT created unforgettable memories for fans

 KT held an interesting event with Suwon citizens. Participants made unforgettable memories at the KT Sonicboom Arena through the 3-point shooting contest.

On the 27th, the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Regular League 4th round confrontation between Suwon KT and Goyang Carrot took place at KT Sonic Boom Arena.

During halftime, an event that caught the attention of the spectators was held. As the 3-point contest seen at the All-Star Game was set up, the crowd began to focus their attention on the court. This event was the ‘3-Point Championship Tournament’ prepared by KT.

This was a competition held by KT for Suwon citizens and school students in order to expand the base of basketball in Suwon, its hometown. Preliminaries were held 4 hours before the game, and the final was held after halftime and the game ended. The method was almost identical to that of the All-Star 3-Point Contest. Participants competed for points by throwing 4 balls each from 5 positions for 1 minute.

The product was also enough to catch the attention of fans. As it was sponsored by Ceragem, a medical device manufacturing company, the winner of the competition was given a Ceragem Medical Device Master V6 worth 5 million won and a 2022-23 season ticket. The runner-up was given a season ticket, uniform signed by the player, and a ticket to use the Mona Park Resort. 토토사이트

After the fierce finals, the main characters of the hidden product were Choi Gwang-won (27) and Bae Bae-young (24). In the final, which took place at halftime, Choi Kwang-won and Bae Bae-young both scored 7 points, and the match continued into the final match after the game. In the final match held after the game, Mr. Choi Kwang-Won defeated Mr. Bae Bae-Young and was honored with the final championship.

Participants who made it to the finals expressed great satisfaction with the event. In particular, Choi Kwang-won, who won the championship, said, “I was eliminated from the preliminary round in the last tournament, so I prepared a lot this time. I am very happy to have won the difficult victory, and I am grateful to KT Sonic Boom for creating this opportunity. I am happy that KT is in Suwon,” expressing his affection for KT and his joy at winning.

KT, who held an unforgettable event for fans, also achieved a pleasant victory by winning by 14 points (90-76) against Carrot. It was a day in which fans and players who visited the stadium were all happy.

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