An Woo-jin, who bowed his head in the Choo Shin-soo controversy, “Sorry for the uncomfortable situation”

 Kiwoom ace Ahn Woo-jin expressed his position on the controversy over the presidential senior Shin-soo Choo. 메이저놀이터

On the 29th, Ahn Woo-jin departed through Incheon Airport to head to the United States, where the spring camp was held with the Kiwoom team.

Woo-jin Ahn met with reporters before leaving the country and said, “I’m sorry that I created an uncomfortable situation.”

Previously, Shin-soo Choo said about Woo-jin An’s selection in relation to the selection of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) team, “It is clear that I did something wrong, but I am very sorry.” It’s a pity. I don’t think it’s easy to forgive in Korea. I made a mistake when I was young, but now I regret it and was suspended from a business trip. However, I can’t participate in international competitions as a national team member.

” It has spread to a great controversy and the wave has not yet subsided.,Ahn Woo-jin bowed his head instead.

,On the other hand, An Woo-jin said about this season’s goal, “I set a goal every year to get better results than last year. I think I can become a better player when I have a goal,” he said. “The most important part for me is to throw the ball where I want. This year, I will pay more attention to my training so that I can prepare more perfectly.”

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