An athlete’s personality controversy? nothing great

Goyang Carrot Jeon Seong-hyun (31‧188.6cm), who has been reborn as the best shooter in Korea this season, is on the cutting board. The problem was the hard foul that occurred during the match against KT on the 27th and the unreasonable response afterwards. Fans were outraged by his arrogant attitude despite committing a deliberate foul that could have led to serious injury. The voice of disappointment was even louder because it was an accident committed by a top-notch shooter who hadn’t come out of KBL in a while.

Looking back, there are many regrets. If he was overexcited during a game and unknowingly committed a wild foul that might injure his opponent, he should have immediately taken an apologetic attitude. It is right to apologize for fouls that may cause injuries, regardless of the relationship between seniors and juniors or players of competing teams. That is the spirit of partnership.

If Jeon Sung-hyun committed a foul, he would actively express his apology immediately after committing a foul and tell the fans, “I couldn’t control my emotions for a moment. The situation would have been much better if he had just expressed his stance, saying, ‘I apologize to the opponents, the team, and everyone watching the game for doing something I shouldn’t have done.

Even if it is not an indulgence for hard fouls, there may be an understanding gaze, and depending on how you continue your career, you will have a chance to correct your negative image. However, the unprofessional follow-up made even the most devoted fans turn their backs. It is an atmosphere that is accepted intentionally, not a mistake.

Of course, Jeon Seong-hyun expressed his regret the next day and also sent a message to the fans. He revealed that he had separately contacted the fouled player and apologized. Although it was a bit late, it seems that the person himself also felt the seriousness of the issue. However, the majority of fans who read the content are still cold, saying, “It’s more like an excuse than an apology.”

It’s a lot late even if it’s late, and it’s an atmosphere that doesn’t cool down easily. As the personality controversy is added, the negative image is getting thicker. The aftermath of a single wrong action is too strong. He is a plastic surgery athlete who is only waiting for him, and the appearance of receiving a lot of support from fans is nowhere to be seen.

In basketball as well as in other sports, when a player has an accident or causes damage to the surroundings with an unexpected action, the part of personality is often mentioned. In fact, there is nothing special about the part of humanity that is required of them. Fans do not demand educator-level ethics from players. It would be perfect if he was thorough in self-management and considerate of those around him enough to be respected by many people, but it would be too harsh to set such a strict standard because each person’s innate tendency and the environment in which he grew up is different.

The answer is surprisingly simple. Just like the majority of ordinary people, if you go out on the court without committing illegal acts such as drunk driving, assault, and gambling, you just have to remember the spirit of partnership. It’s not about doing something special, you just have to do what everyone knows you shouldn’t do. This is true even for non-athletes. It’s never difficult to live while keeping it if you pay attention to a certain extent.

ES Sports Sharing Social Cooperative Independent Basketball Team/Youth Elite Jo Sung-hoon (49‧185cm) general manager said, “Life in basketball is long. Not only a long run as an ace, but also an active performance as a national representative. In addition, if you think about activities after retirement, you need to pay attention to your image. Even in the free-spirited NBA, there are some pretty demanding ethics that apply to superstar players. There may be many difficulties such as keeping the opponent’s concentration in check, but I hope you don’t forget that many fans are watching you.”

Myongji University coach Kim Tae-jin (48‧185cm) also said, “One of the things I felt while watching the situation at the time was the fact that Korean basketball has improved a lot in terms of mentality as well. It was a situation that could have led to serious injuries. In the past, not only the player involved in the foul, but also the entire team could collide, and even a retaliatory foul in the worst case. He explained the changed scenery first, saying, “I felt a rational and calm look from the senior players drying and tidying up next to me.” 안전놀이터

In addition, “Aren’t many fans watching? As a fouled player, he must have been very angry, but he managed his emotions relatively well. That’s why Jeon Seong-hyun’s coping with it is bound to be even more regrettable. Even in the case of me, when I was his coach, I ran out of tears in a moment, and then I was constantly stuffed. In an era where videos and social media are more developed, we need to pay more attention to and think about our posture and behavior.”

There is a saying that crisis is opportunity. From Jeon Seong-hyun’s point of view, he committed words and actions that he would regret forever, but his career as a player did not end with this. It is necessary to recognize why the voice of disappointment and criticism towards oneself is loud and to regain the original intention to become a bigger player. I wonder if the lost fans’ trust will come back if he doesn’t forget to reflect on himself and works hard. Of course, that requires a lot of patience. It takes a long time for the dam to be filled with water, but it only takes a moment for it to burst and pour.

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