Although acquitted… Return of Greenwood, opinions inside the Manchester United club are also ‘divided’

Opinions are divided within Manchester United over the return of Mason Greenwood.

Greenwood is one of Manchester United’s most promising youngsters. The 17-year-old made his pro debut in 2018, scoring 35 goals and 12 assists in 129 games. He received high expectations and was selected for the England national team. However, Greenwood was investigated for sexual assault and assault of his girlfriend last year. He was threatened with death threats. 안전놀이터

Man Utd also waited until the ruling, excluding Greenwood from the squad at that time. And within a year, all charges against Greenwood were dropped. Man Utd said through the club channel, “We are still going through our own process. We will not mention Greenwood until the process is finalized.” Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag said: “I can’t say anything at the moment. It is best to refer to the club’s statement.”

According to the British media’Guardian’, it is known that opinions are divided within Manchester United over Greenwood’s return. A number of staff members are expressing the position that Greenwood should no longer play for Manchester United, but there is also an opinion that the club should retain Greenwood, who has been with Manchester United since childhood. Another British media, ‘The Sun’, cited Greenwood’s sources and explained that ‘Greenwood expressed considerable disappointment at Man Utd’s attitude.’

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