All 3 losses ‘shock’… Korea, Hanwha Life International Crown eliminated from the group stage

The Korean team failed to advance to the semifinals of the Hanwha Life Plus International Crown (total prize money of 2 million dollars) of the LPGA Tour.

Jinyoung Ko and Hyojoo Kim, and Inji Jeon and Hyejin Choi, Korea teamed up in a four-ball match against Thailand on the second day of the tournament held at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, California on the 6th (Korean time). Ataya Tittikkun-Patty Tawatanagit lost to Joe by a 3-hole difference (3&2) with 2 holes left. With this loss, Korea was unable to secure points in three matches, including the two matches held the day before, and failed to advance to the semifinals. Thailand won 3 points and confirmed their progress to the quarterfinals, and on the last day, they will play against Australia for first place.

As of 9:50 a.m. Korean time, Jeon In-ji and Choi Hye-jin are in the middle of a match against Thailand’s Moriya-Eriya Jutanugarn sisters, but they are already losing by 3 holes with 3 holes left, so even if they record a draw, 0.5 points are secured. Regardless of the result of the match against Japan on the final day, the semifinals were frustrated.

On the first day of the tournament, Korea suffered a two-game loss against Australia, and the red light came on for the semifinals. On this day, they had to win both games to revive the flames of the semifinals, but they failed to seize the chance.

He also won two consecutive championships. South Korea won the event held in Incheon in 2018. The tournament scheduled for 2020 has been canceled due to the spread of COVID-19. This year, he participated in the championship, which was held again after 5 years, as a defending championship, but after an unexpected slump, he tasted the humiliation of being eliminated from the group stage.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

This tournament is a team competition in which players on the LPGA Tour are divided into countries. Eight countries will be divided into Groups A and B, and a four-ball match type group stage will be held until the third day, and the top two teams in terms of points will advance to the semi-final tournament. On the final day, the semi-finals are held in the morning and the finals in the afternoon to determine the winning team.

In Group B, which South Korea belongs to, Thailand and Australia confirmed their advance to the semifinals. Japan recorded 1 draw and 1 loss against Australia on the day, securing only 0.5 points, and it was confirmed that Japan and Korea were eliminated from the group stage.

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