70.8%’ Kim Min-jae, the starting point of the attack and the end point of the defense

 Reporter Lee Hyeong-joo = Kim Min-jae (26) is playing an all-round performance. 

Serie A, which opened in August, has already reached its halfway point. A total of 21 of the 38 rounds of the league were played. In this situation, the team that raises the most attention is, of course, SSC Napoli. 

Napoli is posting a phenomenal record of 18 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in the 21st round. The difference in points with the second place is 13 points, so it is a win if you do not lose 5 times in the remaining schedule. It is unrealistic for a team that has lost 1 in 21 matches to lose 5 in the remaining 17 matches. Even if that happens, second-place Inter Milan must win the remaining games to give them a come-from-behind championship. This is why Napoli fans are expecting the first win since the era of the late Diego Maradona. 

Kim Min-jae is in the middle of that storm. This season, Napoli cleared the summer transfer window of veterans such as Kalidou Koulibaly, Lorenzo Insigne and Dries Mertens. In the midst of doubts, they recruited Kim Min-jae, Hvita Kvarachhelia, and Giovanni Simeone, but the freshmen were truly a jackpot. is doing great 

Among them, Kim Min-jae is the nucleus of the defensive line, serving as the end point of the defense and even the starting point of the attack. Always amazing defensive skills. Even so, Kim Min-jae’s offensive contribution to the team is enormous.  카지노

As an example, Kim Min-jae is running first overall with 70.8% in pass accuracy per 90 minutes until the 9th. Center backs make a lot of short passes in a comfortable state in their own camp. Because of this, there are many cases where center backs rise to the rankings. However, Kim Min-jae is a player who actively plays long passes and forward passes, and it is surprising that such stats come out. 

In fact, by the 9th, Kim Min-jae is running third in the team’s long pass success rate after Amir Rahmani and Mario Hui, and it is amazing that he is ranked first in pass accuracy while making long passes well. 

Even if it’s not just stats, the advantage of Kim Min-jae’s high rise is also enormous. Kim Min-jae can cover a wide back space at high speed, and thanks to Kim Min-jae, Napoli can press on the high line and start an attack in the area close to the goal. It is self-evident that the closer you are to the goal, the easier it is to score. Even indirectly, Kim Min-jae is contributing to Napoli’s attack. 

Kim Min-jae is the starting point of Napoli’s attack and the end point of its defense. Kim Min-jae is cruising in a monster-like performance that fits his nickname. 

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