’40 Point Explosion’ Spellman “There was no defender who could stop me well”

 “The player who stopped me well? I don’t know.”

Anyang KGC again ran a 5-game winning streak.

KGC won 87-84 in an away game against Suwon KT in the 5th round of the regular league of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ held at the KT Sonicboom Arena in Suwon on the 6th. KGC, who recorded 5 consecutive victories, recorded 28 wins and 11 losses, widening the gap with 2nd place Changwon LG to 3.5 games again.

KGC’s undisputed leadership and winning streak was thanks to the outstanding performance of Omari Spellman, a special mercenary. Spellman scored 40 points, including 7 3-shots, and grabbed 7 rebounds on the day.

On this day, KT tried to intensively match up Ha Yoon-ki and Lee Doo-won to prevent Spellman from scoring, but it was virtually helpless. Spellman showed his confidence while playing this season, saying, “I have never been sluggish because a certain player blocked me well, even though I have not been able to (play) myself.”

The following is an excerpt from the interview with Spellman after the match. 스포츠토토

– How do you feel about winning?

▶Before the match, I talked to Darryl Monroe about playing with plenty of energy. There have been a lot of tough matches lately, but it feels really good to win. There were some cases where we were sluggish at the beginning of the game, but today we solved it well from the beginning.

-KT tried to focus on defending Spellman today.

▶ No matter what the opponent’s defense is, I think shooting is my strength, so I try to see as many shot chances as possible. Once the shot goes in to a certain extent, it is easy to score. It is also a big thank you to the team members for their help.

-Among the matchup opponents, is there any player you feel is particularly picky?

▶It is difficult to pick one particular player, and LG is a tough opponent as a team. Team defense is good. It’s not because a certain player blocked me well. It’s just that I couldn’t show my usual good performance against LG. It’s my problem because I’m not good at it, and no player thinks he’s good at defending against me.

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