’18 seconds late paperwork’ Barça and the fate of a player, how will it be concluded

 18 seconds.

In 18 seconds, the fate of FC Barcelona and a player can change.

Barcelona pushed for the signing of LA Galaxy defender Julian Araujo of the American Major League Soccer (MLS) ahead of the January transfer window deadline. 슬롯사이트

Barcelona are in need of reinforcements on the right side. Araujo was chosen as the right candidate. Araujo is a 21-year-old young player from Mexico and has experience with the national team at a young age. The transfer fee is also cheap. He reached an agreement for £3.5 million.

But Barcelona are in tension. Paperwork was a problem. I rushed to process the paperwork ahead of the transfer market deadline, but it was over time.

Barcelona CEO Mateu Alemani said in an interview with local media ‘Movista’, “The documents did not arrive on time due to a computer error. The delay was only 18 seconds. We will have to wait and see what decision FIFA will make.”

FIFA will listen to Barcelona’s explanation and make a final decision on whether to transfer Araujo.

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