170km finishing pitcher with no presence, Dodgers + SD are not interested

There is no team looking for a 170km man.

The search for a new team for free agent pitcher Aroldis Chapman is still in the dark. Recently, there was a rumor in the US media that ‘LA Dodgers are interested in signing Chapman’, but local reporters refuted it again. According to ‘CBS Sports’ on the 7th (Korean time), “The rumor that the Dodgers and San Diego Padres offered Chapman a contract is not accurate. is not playing with any team.” 메이저사이트

Chapman, the Cuban “light-speed ball” pitcher, was once the fastest pitcher in the major leagues. He also had a splendid time playing as a closer for the New York Yankees. However, as he continued to hunt for his first pitch in a situation that was not in his prime, his grades plummeted and his prestige fell.

Particularly, the process of breaking up with the Yankees was the worst. Chapman, who suffered an Achilles tendon injury after giving up a finishing position at the beginning of the season, was sluggish even after returning, but in August, he was infected with germs while receiving a tattoo treatment and suffered a ‘absurd injury’ that was put on the injured list. And perhaps because his position in the team was further narrowed, he even left the ‘No Manner’ without permission. As the Yankees prepared for the postseason, Chapman did not attend his team’s training sessions, “texted” his manager and returned to his home in Miami. After the regular season, he was eligible for free agency, and he may have judged that he would not be on the postseason roster based on his performance. was The club was embarrassed, and general manager Brian Cashman also said in an interview, “It’s really disappointing. But considering what happened this season, it’s not too surprising.”

In the end, Chapman broke up with the Yankees and entered the market as a free agent, but the market reaction was colder than expected. Perhaps Chapman’s attitude also contributed a lot to the club’s indifference. He started his pitching practice while building up in Miami. Since he is also pitching in the bullpen, it remains to be seen if any team will offer him a contract.

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