100 million euros, although it can be proven…”As long as it’s full of bravado!”

Anthony received intense criticism.

Manchester United recorded a 2-0 victory over Nottingham Forest in the second leg of the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) semifinals in the 2022-23 season held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England at 5 am (Korean time) on the 2nd. As a result, United succeeded in advancing to the final with an aggregate score of 5-0, and faced Newcastle United.

Manchester United, which is challenging its first championship in six years, seized a golden opportunity. With the finals just around the corner, the first leg was won 3-0, so the game was managed stably. Although they put in key players such as Casemiro and Bruno Fernandez, they gave rest to Marcus Rashford and David de Gea. 메이저놀이터

The first half was a bit frustrating. While taking the initiative, they increased their possession and played the game, but they were blocked by Nottingham’s defense and were unable to put their energy into the attack. Rather, it almost fell into Nottingham’s counterattack. In the end, in the second half, manager Eric Ten Hag put in Rashford, Anthony Martial, and Jadon Sancho to seek a change. This worked right away. Rashford and Martial teamed up to score the opening goal, and three minutes later Fred scored another goal to seal the game. That’s how Manchester United beat Nottingham with an aggregate score of 5-0 and put their bodies on the final.

Despite a pleasant victory, there is a player who has been criticized. The main character is ‘freshman’ Antony. After a stellar performance at Ajax, he was called up by Ten Hag in the summer transfer window. Manchester United did their best to recruit him and entered Old Trafford with an enormous amount of 100 million euros (approximately 133.5 billion won) including options.

Received high expectations and steadily expanded its position. The start was good. He scored on his debut in a league match against Arsenal and later scored goals against Manchester City and Everton. But after that, it fell into a slump. He is on 22 appearances, including cup competitions, but scored only 5 goals and only 1 assist. Even with the excuse of an adjustment period, he was never worthy of 100 million euros.

As a result, Gabriel Agbonlahor, who played for Aston Villa in the past, criticized Anthony. Agbonlaher, who saw his performance against Nottingham, said: “I think he’s full of bravado! I don’t think he’ll break through the defenders when he has the ball. 3 goals and 0 assists in 11 league games. 1 goal and 0 assists in 4 League Cup games. . 1 goal and 1 assist in 2 FA Cup matches. Only 1 assist in all competitions”, pointing to Anthony’s poor record.

He added, “What would you do if you were a defender? It’s an embarrassing situation. He has to work on it!”

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